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"To do a good job, we learn every day to think a little more like our clients, and they learn to think a little like us"

Inspired by the organisational and operational models of successful entrepreneurs, the Studio Legale SAT has adopted an effective, dynamic approach. The firm aims to support companies in achieving their objectives by offering different areas of expertise: not just a traditional range of occasional legal services that are unrelated to each other, but a new level of legal assistance that starts from the individual needs of each client, striving to meet companies’ budget targets and achieve their expected results via careful and comprehensive planning, taking account of each of their requirements.

The Studio Legale SAT has developed the LABO approach (Legal Assistance By Objectives) by applying the principles of MBO (Management By Objectives), which is traditionally related to corporate management, to the legal sector (setting targets, measuring results, rewarding performance).

With the LABO method, the lawyer is no longer just an external consultant or an occasional provider of services, but rather a real long-term partner.

For many client companies, the Studio Legale SAT is now some sort of an "outsourced internal legal department", allowing them to benefit from an insider approach, a partner which understands the actual situation of the business, and the operational flexibility of an external lawyer.

After thorough and careful analyses of the dynamics of client companies, in some cases the LABO method has also allowed to eliminate some in-house departments and take charge of their activities, significantly reducing the company’s costs or permitting the client to allocate more efficiently internal resources. Relationships with companies are assessed in the long term: the Studio Legale SAT is willing to sacrifice on activities perceived as providing reduced added value, and being rewarded in other activities offering higher added value. Over the years, this can lead to a dramatic reduction in legal service costs for clients.