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Values within the firm: The Studio Legale SAT was established with the aim of combining professional excellence and solid ethical values. Fairness, friendship, openness, honesty and professional ethics are the essential values ​​that the firm is committed to foster without compromise. The inseparable combination of values ​​and expertise is one of the hallmarks of the Studio Legale SAT.

Value to the client: A good lawyer is one who brings added value to clients, and the firm’s biggest goal is to be perceived by the clients as an asset, not a cost. The Studio Legale SAT aims to help clients achieve their objectives while insuring a cost efficient assistance.

Values with clients: The essential values ​​of the Studio Legale SAT characterise our relationships with clients. Upholding shared values leads to stronger ​​relationships with clients; the positive outcome of this is that Studio Legale SAT tends to attract clients by sharing the same ethical values with the firm and its professionals.

Values in action: The essential values ​​of the Studio Legale SAT also characterise relationships with colleagues and counterparts, which must be defined by fairness and respect for our code of ethics. Behaving ethically does not mean being submissive or naive, and the firm's track-record is a perfect demonstration of how to combine efficiency, quality and ethics in the legal profession.

Values ​​for others: Pursuant to its articles of association, the Studio Legale SAT donates part of its profits to non-profit organisations every year. Over the years, the Studio Legale SAT has helped to support, among others, the Italian Association for Cancer Research ( ), the 'La Nostra Famiglia' Association ( ), Auxilia ( ), Comet ASMME - the Inherited Metabolic Diseases Research Association (, Opera della Provvidenza S. Antonio (, Universitari Costruttori (, Piano Terra (